Singapore’s First Co-Working Space Booking App “Workwander” Launches at IMDA New Ways of Work

SINGAPORE, 20 October 2016 - In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation programme, Workwander launches at the IMDA New Ways of Work Conference 2016 today. The mobile application caters to mobile workers with a platform that provides on-demand booking of co-working spaces. The free app, available on Android and Apple devices, allows users to book workspaces by the day or even hourly. Users can currently choose from seven co-working spaces, with prices ranging from S$5-10 an hour.

“Increasingly, we are seeing new lifestyle needs emerge from the millennial workforce, and technological advances changing the conventional nine-to-five job. Workwander makes room for flexibility and collaboration by changing the very way we do things,” said Shawn Lau, CEO and co-founder of Workwander.

Workwander is a response to the Smart Nation initiative, which aims to co-create impactful solutions with the people. As workplace expectations evolve, and the nation shifts towards a more fluid workforce, companies are also working on managing workplace expectations. The mobile platform helps to ease the transition through implementing flexible working solutions with technology.

“Co-working spaces is the future, as working styles are changing. We have to change, whether you like it or not. Especially in Singapore, where real estate is so expensive,” said Mr Moazzam Vehmi, 40, ICS Infrastructure Manager at Courts Singapore.

Workwander provides fully-equipped offices that users can utilise instantly upon booking - giving an affordable solution to entrepreneurs and freelancers in saving time and resources. As technology transforms the way we work, there is a critical need to review the spaces, technology and culture to enhance effectiveness. Corporate solutions with Workwander are also underway, with more co-working spaces in neighbouring cities coming up in 2017.